Help People in Eight Hunger Hotspots

Every 13 cents provides a meal for a hungry person!

More than 34 million people in 20 countries are facing emergency levels of hunger. Famine is looming. Without help they could soon face starvation. The United Nations calls these 20 countries “hunger hotspots” — places where if we do not act quickly, people will soon experience famine conditions like we have not seen in over a century.

Because of the pandemic, wars, disasters, and other factors, people already facing food insecurity now struggle to survive. “The magnitude of suffering is alarming. It is incumbent upon all of us to act now and to act fast to save lives,” said one humanitarian leader.

You can help! Every 13 cents you give now provides a meal for a hungry person.

Right now Unto is mobilized to help suffering people in the toughest places. Our goal is to provide nearly 2 million meals to hungry children and families in 14 countries. These places include eight of the hunger hotspots where people are at risk for famine.

Your gift will put nutritious food into their hands — and provide opportunities for local Unto® staff teams to share about the eternal hope of Jesus. Unto staff teams are counting on this aid to help meet the physical and spiritual needs of hungry families in the toughest places.

Will you give a gift today to help families facing food insecurity and share the hope of Jesus?

Help Avoid Famine in Eight Hunger Hotspots

Nola had been without food for two days

Nola*, an orphan in South Sudan, lost her parents in the country’s civil war. She was left behind when all her relatives fled to a refugee camp in a neighboring country. Getting food was her biggest problem.

Aliyah, a widow, took Nola in to help. But she was not able to provide for their daily needs. When our local team members met them, Nola and Aliyah had been without food for two days. Our local staff members were able to provide them with meals — and they burst into tears of joy. They could not hold back their emotion and were so grateful that people like you would help them.

After the meal distribution one local pastor shared,

“This relief aid is one of the best appreciated services. People [the beneficiaries] didn’t believe what had happened. It was like a miracle …. We received endless thanks from all who benefitted.”

The cost of food and other basic items in South Sudan has skyrocketed. There is still ongoing conflict in the area, and COVID-19 cases are on the rise. With no power supply, children struggle to keep up with school studies.

You can help ensure suffering people like Nola and Aliyah have the food they need to survive. With over 60 percent of the population in South Sudan facing food insecurity, the needs have never been greater. Every 13 cents you give now provides a meal for a hungry person — and reveals the eternal hope of Jesus.

*Name changed for security purposes

Help Avoid Famine in Eight Hunger Hotspots