Provide Relief to People in Ethiopia

You Can Help People Facing Acute Hunger and Displacement

Over the past year conflict in Ethiopia has escalated into a dangerous civil war. More than 2 million people have been displaced from their homes due to the fighting. More than 5 million people do not have enough to eat. They are in a dire situation facing hunger due to acute food shortages in Northern Ethiopia.  

Unto® team members are in close contact with local staff teams on the ground. They are mobilized and ready to serve people in critical need.

Your gift now will provide lifesaving meals and other critical aid to people in Ethiopia who have been forced from their homes and are struggling to access the basic items they need to survive.

Humanitarian relief supplies include items such as:

  • Meals for hungry families
  • Blankets to help displaced people weather harsh winter conditions
  • Tarps for emergency shelter
  • A supply of water when water sources are compromised

While many organizations are struggling to gain access, Unto is uniquely positioned to get supplies in through the Cru® 190+ country network. Our in-country staff teams have spent years building relationships with government authorities, local leaders, and people within their communities. They will personally distribute the aid. At the right time they will also have opportunities to share about the eternal hope of Jesus.

The number of people at risk for starvation is rising rapidly. Winter has arrived, and because of Ethiopia’s high elevation, people now face bitter cold. Individuals and families need meals, blankets, and other essential items just to survive.

Now is our opportunity to share help and hope with those in critical need.

Will you give now to rush lifesaving critical aid to suffering people?

Provide Relief to People in Ethiopia

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