Provide Clean Water for Suffering Families

Your Gift Will Be DOUBLED by Matching Funds!

Every 90 seconds a child dies from preventable waterborne diseases. But together we can make a difference by providing safe, clean water for families in need.

In the upcoming months, Unto® plans to drill and repair numerous wells in some of the most difficult-to-reach places on earth. However, funding is needed to ensure projects continue as planned. Each well serves at least 500 people — and often many more! 

Every dollar you give by August 31 will be DOUBLED by matching funds, up to $110,000! You will provide clean water for twice as many people — and create opportunities for them to hear about Jesus.

Your generosity will meet people’s immediate physical needs and create opportunities for them to hear about Jesus. Our local staff teams often report that providing safe, clean water is one of their most effective strategies for accessing unreached people groups. Unto is currently conducting water projects in more than 50 countries. Will you give today to provide clean water and share eternal hope with those who have never heard? All gifts by August 31 can be DOUBLED by matching funds, up to $110,000. 

Thank you for your partnership to help transform lives through the gift of safe, clean water and the message of hope in Jesus!

A Message of Gratitude from an African Pastor

In one South Sudanese village, families had no choice but to drink dirty water. When the well in their village stopped working, women and children were forced to walk long distances to collect water. But often their only option was a dirty river or stream. 

Many people in the village got sick from the dirty water. Sadly, most could not afford the medication needed to help them get well. Thankfully, people like you stepped in to help, and everything changed!

After repairing the broken well and drilling another one nearby, more than 3,360 South Sudanese people across several villages now have access to clean water. Local Unto missionaries were able to share the message of Jesus, and many have responded! 

Pastor Andrew, a local pastor in the area, recently shared …

To the people who have put this well here, God bless you and thank you very much. May God give you even more resources so you can do even more. The suffering of women in this area is very great and the new well and repaired well are very helpful. The people in the village have been helped directly and now their children will not have as many illnesses. They can go to school. God bless you!