Help Survivors of the Port of Beirut Explosion

Give Hope to People Affected by the Blast

“Everyone is in shock right now,” said our local team member in Beirut. People are trying to process the effects of a massive explosion in the capital city of Lebanon that caused extensive damage within a five-mile radius of the Port of Beirut. At least 135 lives were lost and thousands injured.

As many as 300,000 people are now homeless after numerous buildings and apartments were destroyed. People already suffering from the country’s economic instability may now face food insecurity after supplies were damaged and the primary port must now limit operations.

You can provide immediate critical aid for people recovering from this terrible tragedy. Your gift to support the Unto® Emergency Relief Initiative will meet people at their point of need — and help share the eternal hope of Jesus.

By providing emergency relief, you are not only giving people things like meals, medicine, hygiene items, and other critical supplies, you also are creating opportunities for our local partners to share about Jesus.

We are committed to caring for people’s physical needs and to continue building relationships as our teams walk with them through this traumatic experience. When the time is right, conversations about the eternal hope of Jesus can take place.

Would you give today to relieve the suffering of men, women, and children who must rebuild their lives after such enormous loss?

Help Survivors of the Port of Beirut Explosion