Every $10 you give ships and delivers $100 of lifesaving aid!

In one food-deficient country in East Africa, over 42 percent of families live on less than $2 a day, unable to afford the basics of food, clean water, shelter, and clothing. This country is also considered the second worst for women’s rights in the world — and it is extremely closed to the message of the eternal hope of Jesus.

In countries like this one, humanitarian aid is the only reason ministry is allowed to continue. And right now the next 60 days are critical for our work in closed nations.

Currently, Unto® has six HUGE containers of lifesaving aid just waiting to be shipped to some of the toughest places on earth — including countries closed to the message of the hope of Jesus. Every container is packed with lifesaving aid like meals, water filters, tarps for shelter, medical supplies, clothing, and more.

For these supplies to reach their destinations on time, $162,000 is needed by June 30.

Because the items have been donated or purchased at a deep discount, all we need are the funds to transport and distribute them! So every $10 you give now ships $100 of lifesaving aid and shares hope.

Our in-country partners are counting on this aid so they can continue their ministry work. These are places where COVID-19, locust plagues, drought, and flooding have wreaked havoc for people who were already suffering. Now they face healthcare crises, economic fallout, and food shortages.

The critical aid you help ship and distribute allows our local partners to gain access to people who would otherwise be unreachable. It helps them build credibility in the eyes of community leaders, and it increases their effectiveness in ministry. But they cannot do this work alone. They need your help!

Every $10 you give now ships and distributes $100 worth of lifesaving aid — and shares the hope of Jesus.

Will you give today to help ship aid and share hope with people in closed countries and other tough places?

Ship Help and Hope to People in Closed Countries

Running for Her Life

Misra* laces up her shoes. Today she isn’t just running — she is running for her life.

The country where Misra lives is the most food-deficient country in East Africa. Her country is also considered the second worst for women’s rights in the world.

That is why our local Unto® staff teams founded the Girls Running Club — to help meet the basic needs of girls and their families and introduce them to the eternal hope of Jesus. Just recently the club’s head coach met Misra for the first time at a local market.

Misra lives with her mother and five siblings. Her father passed away, so her mother sells crepes at the market to help the family survive. After talking with the coach, Misra joined the Girls Running Club — and it has changed her life.

Because of the faithful support of people like you, she now receives food to nourish her body and help her impoverished family. She has a pair of running shoes, along with basic hygiene items. She has the supplies and support she needs to stay in school.

Several of the young women in the running club live in the local junkyard village. The meals, blankets, and clothing they receive are critical for their survival. Your support provides them with a safe environment to train and learn about God who gives them dignity and offers them hope. Many of the girls want to become leaders in their country, so they can help other families build a better future.

Your gift to ship and distribute lifesaving supplies will make all the difference for girls like Misra and her teammates, providing for their physical needs and teaching them about God’s love and the plans He has for each of them.

These girls are not just running. They are running for their life!

*Name changed for security purposes