Rush Lifesaving Aid to Closed Countries

Your gift goes four times as far to deliver aid and share hope

In closed countries and other tough places, people often have very little access to the basic items they need for survival. Most have also never heard about Jesus.

Right now you can help serve those in some of the most unreached countries on earth — reaching them with lifesaving help and hope.

Every $10 you give delivers $40 worth of essential items to people struggling to survive. Local staff teams and partners will personally distribute the meals, water filters, tarps for shelter, and more you help provide. At the right time they will also share the message of eternal hope with those who have never heard about Jesus.

Because the items have all been donated or purchased at deep discounts, your gift goes FOUR TIMES as far to deliver aid and create opportunities for the eternal hope of Jesus to be shared.

When you give to deliver aid, you help …

  • Assemble previously donated or discounted items
  • Ship lifesaving aid to closed countries and other tough places
  • Meet tangible needs of suffering people
  • Share eternal hope with those who might otherwise be unreachable

With wars, disasters, rising costs, and other issues increasing suffering for so many people around the world, your gift will make a significant difference by providing aid to those in critical need. Every $10 you give delivers $40 of essential supplies — and shares the hope of Jesus!

Will you donate today to help deliver aid to people who often have no other help or access to the message of hope?

She Has Seen Nearly 300 Women Respond to the Message of Jesus

A’isha* lives as a refugee in an overcrowded camp in a closed Middle Eastern country. Her husband died in the Syrian war, and she and her daughter were forced to flee for their safety.

Multiple times she has been offered a way out — asylum in Europe. It is every refugee’s dream. And yet each time she has said no. She realizes God has called her to serve her own people, in a place many would call godforsaken.

After years of serving war widows and sharing the eternal hope of Jesus, she has seen nearly 300 women respond to the message!

Ayisha did not always have such purpose and resolve. When she first arrived at the refugee camp years ago, she was angry and depressed. Her husband was gone. The life she had known was gone. She and her daughter were forced to flee with only the items they could carry.

But when she heard about the eternal hope of Jesus, everything changed. Our local staff members described her as “bubbling over with joy.” Now she wants to serve others and tell them about the hope she has found.

Ayisha uses the lifesaving humanitarian aid you help deliver to meet the immediate needs of refugees living in her closed country. As she serves them she also builds a relationship with each one that creates natural opportunities for spiritual discussion.

Your gifts to deliver lifesaving humanitarian aid are essential to her ministry. Without these basic supplies she could not meet the immediate needs of refugees who arrive hungry, cold, and traumatized from the horrors they have experienced — and share about eternal hope.

*Name changed for security purposes