Rush Aid to Closed and War-Torn Countries

You can send lifesaving supplies to refugees, war victims, and impoverished families

The needs of people around the world have never been more serious. So many people are suffering — living in war zones, displaced from their homes, cut off from help and the message of hope.

You can help reach them! Every $10 you give assembles, ships, and distributes $100 worth of lifesaving aid to refugees, war victims, impoverished families, and people struggling to survive.

You will also provide opportunities for local staff teams to build relationships and tell people in closed countries and other tough places about the eternal hope of Jesus.

Over the next four months, Unto® plans to send nine HUGE shipping containers, packed with lifesaving critical aid, to suffering people in eight countries. Seven of these countries are closed to the message of Jesus, and six of them are threatened by war. People in these countries are in dire need of humanitarian assistance — and hope.

Because the aid has been donated or purchased at a deep discount, all we need are the funds to assemble, ship, and distribute the critical aid. But to ensure the supplies reach their destinations on time, $243,000 is needed by June 30.

Every $10 you give now sends $100 worth of lifesaving humanitarian aid.

In many areas where our staff members serve, humanitarian aid provided by faithful partners like you, is the only reason ministry is allowed to take place. It allows them to meet the immediate needs of people within their communities — and opens doors for them to share the eternal hope of Jesus with those who might otherwise be unreachable.

Will you give today to help meet people’s physical needs and share hope in some of the toughest places on earth?

Rush Aid to Closed and War-Torn Countries

Maheer Experienced Kindness and Hope

Maheer* stood on a ladder, cleaning ceilings at the supermarket where he bags groceries, when the Port of Beirut explosion riveted his city. The pressure of the blast blew him off his ladder, through the air, and onto the ground. He spent two weeks in the hospital recovering from a broken hip and still experiences difficulty providing for his family.

He lives in a one-room apartment with his widowed mother and younger brother. They struggle to access the basic items they need to survive.

Local Unto® team members visited his family. They brought him humanitarian aid and told him they had come to share God’s “love, grace, and hope and to remind him of His promises.”

He was so encouraged by the help he received and the message of hope our staff members shared. He told our team,

I sometimes pray and ask God to forgive me. I really don’t want to live for this world, but rather I prefer to live for God and walk through the narrow gate. I sometimes do wrong, and I feel bad and unworthy for forgiveness but still I ask for forgiveness.

The team reminded Maheer that God’s love covers all our mistakes. They also prayed for him. With tears in his eyes he responded,

You’ve blessed us so much today with an amount of food we could never afford or get, hygiene supplies, beautiful words, and prayer. It’s been so long since we’ve experienced this kind of kindness and love. Thank you so much. God bless you and bless your organization.

You make a difference when you provide lifesaving aid to people, like Maheer and his family, who live in the toughest places and share HOPE with those who might otherwise never hear about Jesus.

*Name changed for security purposes