Ship Aid and Share Hope in Tough Places

Every $10 = $100 worth of lifesaving aid

The number of people suffering continues to increase in the toughest places. The crises and conflicts continue to escalate. The global economy and supply chain issues continue to leave families without the basic necessities they need for survival.

Humanitarian experts predict that for the second year in a row, the number of people living in extreme poverty — on less than $2 a day — will drastically increase. Families are facing impossibly difficult circumstances and are struggling to access or afford the most basic items.

Every $10 you give assembles, ships, and delivers $100 worth of lifesaving aid to suffering people. Your donation will rush meals, water filters, medical supplies, and more to families in critical need — and provide opportunities for them to hear about the eternal hope of Jesus.

Currently, Unto® has 14 HUGE shipping containers packed with lifesaving critical supplies prepared for shipment. Local staff teams in 11 countries are waiting for the aid to arrive, allowing them to serve more than 371,000 people. Nine of the countries where we are working are closed to the message of Jesus and four are experiencing ongoing conflict.

Because the aid has all been donated or purchased at a deep discount, all we need are the funds to ship the items internationally. That is why every dollar you give today goes 10 times as far! But we cannot send these lifesaving supplies without the $378,000 needed to cover assembly, shipping, and distribution.

This lifesaving aid will help people living in Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, and Latin America. Our local staff team members will personally distribute the supplies you help send, build relationships, and share the eternal hope of Jesus when the time is right.

Every $10 you give helps assemble, ship, and distribute $100 worth of lifesaving aid and shares hope with suffering people in the toughest places.

Will you consider a generous gift today to help meet the physical and spiritual needs of people struggling to survive?

Winter Boots at Just the Right Time

Across the Middle East many families have lost loved ones and been displaced due to war, poverty, and other crises. Widows and children are especially vulnerable to extreme poverty as they struggle to provide for basic needs.

Recently, people like you helped ship and deliver tarps, blankets, and warm clothes for Syrian refugees. The items arrived just before a snowstorm.

One mother shared,

I didn’t have enough money to buy winter boots for my children. They were much too expensive. We (the widows) got together and prayed that God would protect us, send His presence, and provide for us. Then your staff team came and brought boots. My children had warm, winter boots! I knew this was a blessing from God, and it stirred me to pray more boldly for my needs.

Your gift today to ship aid and share hope will meet the immediate needs of suffering families like this one — and reminds them that God sees and cares for them.