Ship Aid and Share Hope in Tough Places

Every $10 = $100 worth of lifesaving aid

Currently, 1 in 23 people will require humanitarian assistance this year just to survive. Many of these people lack access to the help they need. Many have also never heard about Jesus.

Right now Unto® has shipping containers being prepared to ship to NINE closed countries in the next few months. The containers are packed with lifesaving supplies that our local staff will use to serve more than 238,000 people.

In many closed regions, humanitarian aid is the only reason ministry is allowed to take place. Meeting physical needs allows our staff to access unreached people in the Middle East, Central Asia, and Latin America. Through this work they are able to build relationships and share about Jesus.

Every $10 you give today delivers $100 worth of lifesaving aid and shares hope with those who might otherwise be unreachable.

Because the aid has all been donated or purchased at a deep discount, all we need are the funds to ship and deliver them internationally. That is why every dollar you give today is able to go TEN times as far! But we cannot send these lifesaving supplies without the funding needed to cover assembly, shipping, and distribution.

The lifesaving aid you help ship will serve refugees who have fled the terrors of war. You will serve impoverished families who cannot afford basic items due to rising prices. You will also provide assistance to women, orphans, disaster victims, and many others who are struggling to survive.

Every $10 you give now delivers $100 worth of lifesaving aid — and gives suffering people in closed countries and other tough places the opportunity to hear about eternal hope.

Will you consider a generous gift today to help meet the physical and spiritual needs of people who have no other access to help or the message of Jesus?

Finding Jesus in an Unlikely Place

Jamal* never thought he would be in this place. But war in his home country forced him to seek safety in a neighboring Middle Eastern country where he lives as a refugee.

It is a difficult life as families have no choice but to live in crowded camps and rely on the humanitarian assistance of people like you just to survive.

Our local staff member met him while distributing meals in the refugee camp where Jamal lives. The two began talking and eventually their conversation turned to God and finding the right path. Jamal asked our team member, “Are you a Christian?”

When our team member said he follows Jesus, Jamal wanted to know more. “Do you pray five times a day?” he asked.

Our team member explained that prayer is simply talking to God and can be done anytime we have something to share. He also offered Jamal a Bible and gave Jamal his phone number should he have more questions.

The team began praying for Jamal. And he kept calling with spiritual questions! After weeks of talking to our staff, he responded to the message of Jesus. He is being discipled and consistently shares about eternal hope with others in his camp!

That is the difference your gift can make. Every $10 you give now delivers $100 worth of lifesaving aid — and gives others, just like Jamal, the opportunity to hear about Jesus.