Send critical aid – Challenge Grant opportunity!

Your Gift Will Go 10x as Far to Deliver Aid and Share Hope!

In the toughest places, people struggle to access the basic items they need to survive. Most have also never heard about Jesus.

Together we can reach them by providing local Unto® staff teams with humanitarian aid that allows them to access unreached people groups, build credibility in the communities they serve, and increase their ministry effectiveness. As relationships form local teams are able to share about Jesus and establish new churches.

Over the next four months, Unto plans to send eight HUGE shipping containers — packed with nearly $2 million worth of critical aid  — to suffering people in tough places. Six of these shipments are going to countries that are closed to the message of eternal hope. But in order for people in need to receive this vital aid, $216,000 is needed by July 15.

Meeting this need is so important that a generous partner has given the first $150,000 as a Challenge Grant. They hope that people like you will join them by doing what you can to help deliver this aid and open doors for the message of Jesus to be shared.

Because the aid has been donated or purchased at a deep discount, all we need are the funds to ship and deliver it internationally. That is why every $10 you give will deliver $100 worth of meals, safe water systems, medical supplies, and more.

Would you consider a generous gift today to help deliver lifesaving aid to suffering people and share the message of hope in closed countries and other tough places?

Pastor Tong Kept Praying for a Way to Return

They ran Pastor Tong* off from the village. But he kept praying for a way to return.

Pastor Tong previously visited an unreached village in his area and shared the message of Jesus. But the people were not open to the message and ran him out of town. In a land where persecution is common, and less than four percent of people follow Jesus, he knew it would be difficult — and even dangerous — to return.

When he met the local staff team, Pastor Tong immediately knew people like you were the answer to his prayers. The team provided him with safe water systems, delivered by faithful Unto partners, to use in his ministry.

Pastor Tong boldly returned to the village. With 83 percent of local water sources contaminated by harmful bacteria, he knew one of their greatest physical needs was clean water. When he arrived at the village elder’s home, he brought the portable water system with him.

At first the elder was skeptical. How could something so small make any difference? But then Pastor Tong showed him how it worked. The elder tasted the water and was amazed!

Even more amazing, Pastor Tong shared about Jesus, and the village elder responded to the message! Now Pastor Tong can freely share hope with others in this community, all because God used the gift of humanitarian aid to open the door for ministry.

*Name changed for security purposes.