Provide Urgent Meals for People in East Africa

Locust Plague Causing Food Insecurity for Millions

It sounds like something straight out of the Old Testament — swarms of locusts are literally devouring the crops of millions of people across East Africa. Kenya, one of the five countries affected, is experiencing the worst infestation in 70 years.

Because of these locusts people already experiencing food insecurity are now in greater need of assistance. That is why your help is urgently needed to provide meals for people who are suffering in the areas we serve.

Our partner in South Sudan writes:

“The attack is so severe this evening by locusts. The villagers are fighting back to protect their crops … We should pray so that this destructive force may go back to the desert where it came from!”

For just 13¢ a meal, you can provide immediate food assistance for the most vulnerable. That means your gift of $26 will provide 200 meals to people facing food insecurity. A statement released by the U.N. reports, “This is a scourge of biblical proportions. Yet as ancient as this scourge is, its scale today is unprecedented in modern times.” The statement goes on to say the invasion is “a graphic and shocking reminder” of the region’s vulnerability. Your generous gift will provide meals for children and families not only in the areas affected by this crisis but also for other tough places on earth as urgent needs arise. Because Unto® is the humanitarian ministry of Cru®, every meal given becomes an opportunity to share the eternal hope of Jesus! Would you consider giving generously to rush meals to hungry people in East Africa and other tough places?
Provide Urgent Meals for People Affected by Locust Swarms

Some astounding facts about the devastating impact of locusts:

  • A locust swarm that enters a field in the morning can eat the entire field by midday.
  • In just one day, a swarm of locusts the size of Paris could eat the same amount of food as half the population of France.
  • Each adult insect can eat its own weight in food daily and can travel up to 93 miles in a day.

Young Student in Zimbabwe Receives Her Only Meals at School

Anotida lives in the slums of Zimbabwe. The gift of meals from partners like you has changed her life. The highlight of Anotida’s day is when she goes to school. It is there that she receives what is routinely her only meal of the day.

Anotida is being raised by her grandma who not only cares for her, but also for her mom who is severely disabled and cannot speak. Her “home” is made of cardboard boxes and pieces of fabric.

When our ministry team walked into the tiny school room where she learns, 63 little faces peered up from their desks. Just two years ago they were faces that reflected malnutrition and neglect. Now they are healthy and eager to learn.

The meal Anotida eats has been provided by partners like you who care about those who are hungry. It is the only food assistance her school receives. And it is only one of MANY ministries your gifts of meals help support.

You can help ensure children and their families receive regular shipments of meals from Unto™, the humanitarian ministry of Cru®. Will you be a part of helping to change even more lives, like Anotida’s, today?

Feed a Hungry Child for Just 13 Cents a Meal