Rush Survival Kits to Suffering People

$35 provides a Survival Kit to people in tough places

Humanitarian experts predict that in 2022, 274 million people will require humanitarian assistance. People continue to struggle due to COVID-19, famine, economic shocks, conflicts, and many other factors. Families lack access to the food, clean water, and basic items they need just to survive.

Every $35 you give now provides a Survival Kit to people living in tough places — and shares the hope of Jesus.

Your support will provide things like meals, water filters, medical supplies, and other lifesaving items. Each kit is customized to the needs of those receiving it and is personally delivered by local staff teams.

Staff team leaders serving in 10 countries have requested supplies within the next three months for 7,714 Survival Kits. In order to provide this critical aid for suffering people, $270,000 is needed by May 15. 

Together we can meet this need and do something about the struggles people face. We can relieve suffering, restore their dignity, and reveal the hope of Jesus in the toughest places on earth.

Will you give a generous gift today to help ensure suffering people receive Survival Kits packed with lifesaving critical aid?

They Could Hear Children Praying From 100 Yards Away

The people of Lebanon face a humanitarian crisis. The country’s financial meltdown — considered one of the worst in centuries — has left people struggling to survive. The pandemic, the Port of Beirut explosion, and the Syrian refugee crisis have caused even more misery.

Unto® local staff teams strive to meet the needs of as many people as possible. In Beirut they consistently serve nearly 2,000 refugees and 450 families affected by the port explosion who are still trying to rebuild their lives.

Our partners operate an organization that serves as a school, church, and humanitarian aid distribution point for Syrian refugees. Many children from nearby refugee camps come to the location for their education, and many of their families receive lifesaving critical aid.

Amazing changes are taking place in the area. At school the children learn how to read and write. They are also learning to pray and memorize Scripture. Many of the children have responded to the message of Jesus.

Each day at school the children take turns leading their class in prayer. They pray out loud together. As one child prays for something, the other children say together, “Ya rab, Yesu!” which means, “Yes, Lord Jesus!”

They are not quiet about it either. People can hear the classes yelling out all together, “Yes, Lord Jesus!” from 100 yards away. Families living in tents near the school can easily hear the children and their daily prayers.

Despite the suffering so many people across Lebanon face, the lives of children and their families are being transformed by the help and hope you provide.

You can send survival kits to people in tough places

Lifesaving Aid Helps Share Hope With Refugees

Dunia* lives as a refugee in Beirut, Lebanon. She is the sole caregiver for her family as her husband is imprisoned in Syria. Recently she visited our in-country team’s distribution center to receive basic items for her children.

While she was at the center, Dunia struck up a conversation with a team member. As they talked she mentioned that she heard the Bible had been corrupted over time. Our staff member asked if she had ever read it for herself. 

He used the opportunity to give her a Bible and encouraged her to read it and decide if she agreed with what she had heard. Dunia left with critically-needed items for her children, provided by people like you, and her very own Bible. 

When she returned to the distribution center, she received clothing for her children and also asked our team member questions about what she was studying. Our team members have built a relationship with her and continue to answer her questions as she reads the Bible and asks about Jesus. 

Your generosity provides people like Dunia with lifesaving critical aid for their families and opportunities to learn about the eternal hope of Jesus.

*Name changed for security purposes.