You Can Help Provide 1 Million Meals

Colleen grew up in the slums of Zimbabwe. She was very young when her father passed away, leaving her mom and siblings destitute. When things became “really, really hard,” she was sent to live with her uncle.

Unfortunately this made matters worse for Colleen. Her uncle abused her, and she became pregnant. As a teenager she found herself with a newborn and no way to provide for him.

“I remember the challenges my son faced — the days we went to bed hungry. The days that my son would scream because he was hungry and I couldn’t feed him. I felt so helpless.”

Your help is needed to provide 1 million meals over the next three months for vulnerable children experiencing hunger. Our team members are ready to distribute meals to suffering people in eight countries, but they need your support.

At just 13 cents a meal, your generous gift today of $130 will provide 1,000 meals for children and families. And with every meal given comes an opportunity to express the kindness of Jesus!

Each month the meals you provide are distributed to the most vulnerable among us:

  • Orphans living in children’s homes
  • Families struggling with malnutrition due to drought
  • People cut off from food sources due to war
  • Widows, the elderly, and grandparent-headed households

Many of these people might not survive unless we help them.

Every $130 you send provides 1,000 meals and creates opportunities for sharing the eternal hope of Jesus. With over 1 million meals promised by the end of May, every gift makes a difference in reaching this goal!

Feed a Hungry Child for Just 13 Cents a Meal

Young Student in Zimbabwe Receives Her Only Meals at School

Anotida lives in the slums of Zimbabwe. The gift of meals from partners like you has changed her life. The highlight of Anotida’s day is when she goes to school. It is there that she receives what is routinely her only meal of the day.

Anotida is being raised by her grandma who not only cares for her, but also for her mom who is severely disabled and cannot speak. Her “home” is made of cardboard boxes and pieces of fabric.

When our ministry team walked into the tiny school room where she learns, 63 little faces peered up from their desks. Just two years ago they were faces that reflected malnutrition and neglect. Now they are healthy and eager to learn.

The meal Anotida eats has been provided by partners like you who care about those who are hungry. It is the only food assistance her school receives. And it is only one of MANY ministries your gifts of meals help support.

You can help ensure children and their families receive regular shipments of meals from Unto™, the humanitarian ministry of Cru®. Will you be a part of helping to change even more lives, like Anotida’s, today?

Feed a Hungry Child for Just 13 Cents a Meal