Maximize Your Impact in the Toughest Places

Making the Maximum Impact in the Toughest Places

The United Nations reported that 274 million people will require humanitarian assistance this year. Wars, economic shocks, COVID-19, and disasters have converged to trigger an unprecedented humanitarian crisis. Individuals cannot access or afford the food, water, and basic supplies they need to survive.

People in the toughest places now face a multi-year humanitarian crisis. Over the next three years, we expect to see more people suffering — and in need of assistance — than ever before.

By partnering with Unto® you can maximize your impact by meeting the physical and spiritual needs of individuals who often have no other support. 

From October 2022 through January 2023, Our Cru® staff teams in 53 countries are counting on Unto to provide humanitarian assistance as part of their ministry strategy in the toughest places. Providing lifesaving aid to people in critical need allows our staff members to access new people groups and build credibility in their communities. They are able to build relationships and share the eternal hope of Jesus when the time is right.

While other organizations cannot get aid into tough places due to conflict, supply chain disruptions, and other issues, our partnership with local Cru ministry teams allows us to still distribute aid and share hope. By giving to the Maximum Impact Fund, you can help reach people who might otherwise be unreachable — who have no other source of help and have never heard about the hope of Jesus.

To provide ministry support where most urgently needed and keep our commitments to ministry leaders through our main programs — Food and Agriculture, Clean Water, and Critical Aid — $1,700,000 is needed. Your generosity will also ensure we can respond to additional emergency requests due to the current crisis.

Will you give today to express kindness to a suffering child, family, or war victim?

Make the Maximum Impact in the Toughest Places